Here at SkySail Insurance Group, we keep a varied portfolio and work with clients in every industry – from agribusiness to wholesale. Read on to learn more about the industries we serve.


If you specialize in crop production, seed supply, farm machinery manufacturing, or any other part of agribusiness, it’s imperative to find an insurance agency that understands agribusiness and the liabilities you may face.


Aviation is a high-risk field and with high risk comes the need for high-quality insurance. To make sure your property, your products, and your people are protected, talk to the experts at SkySail Insurance Group. Whether you are insuring a small, private plane, or a large commercial jet, we can find you the best coverage for:

  • Corporate Jets
  • Charter Aircraft Services
  • Flight Training Services
  • Airport Fuel Tanks/Fuel Trucks
  • Air Ambulance Operations
  • Law Enforcement, Aviation
  • Aviation General Liability
  • Airport Liability
  • Airport Property
  • Privately Owned Aircraft
  • Manufacturer’s Aircraft Products Liability
  • Aircraft Cargo
Business People

Whether you’re in sales, advertising, consulting, logistics, accounting, or another field, we know that you spend your time focused on business services. We’ll assess your company’s areas of risk and recommend insurance products that you’d benefit from.

Construction Site

It’s common knowledge that the construction industry is dangerous, so when you own a construction business, you need to be prepared for a whole host of risks. Construction Insurance provides coverage for all possible liabilities – including property damage and bodily injury.


Depending on your company’s day-to-day activities, the level of environmental risk you face will vary. We work with businesses that face all kinds of environmental liabilities, and we make sure they receive coverage that fits their unique needs. SkySail will find the most appropriate coverage to protect your business.

Golf Course

Whether your community is small or large, you’ll want to be protected after an unexpected loss. That’s why SkySail has experts on-hand to advise on the preliminary coverage solutions for golf and community associations.


Healthcare is a rapidly changing industry, and you need an insurance agency equipped to give you expert advice about your insurance needs. From private practice to large medical labs, we are ready to connect you with the high-quality insurance you need to protect your business.


The hospitality industry is a rewarding one, but it’s filled with one-of-a-kind challenges, whether it’s guest injuries or the liability related to having swimming pools and sporting fields on-site. Whether you own and operate a luxury hotel, or you run your own mom-and-pop restaurant, we can assist you in finding the best coverage to support your specific needs.


Regardless of what material or product you manufacture and distribute, you’ll want insurance coverage to protect your company from legal liabilities in case of any mishaps. SkySail can match you with a carrier who offers exactly what you’re looking for.


With international trade more popular than ever, deep sea freight and marine transportation is a vital part of our economy – but is also an industry that has major risks. If you’re a marine/logistics pro, work with SkySail to properly insure each part of your business – from ocean cargo to marina coverage.

Group of young business people

If you’re operating in the nonprofit sector, you’ll face unusual challenges that differ from the issues faced by for-profit companies. SkySail will assist you to determine which insurance products would most suit for your nonprofit organization.

Public Hall

If you’re operating in the public sector, reach out to SkySail – our team is able to answer all of your insurance-related questions. Whether you’re seeking more information about clinic, crime, public officials, cyber liability, etc. – we have the answers.

Real Estate

When you’re a real estate professional, you have a lot of responsibilities to manage. The most important? Making sure your property or the property you manage is protected from vandalism, legal liabilities, fire, flood, hurricane, or other unfortunate circumstance, which all pose a threat to your business. Make sure your property is protected with the highest quality coverage from SkySail Insurance Group.


Whether you own a small specialty boutique or a large department store, no retailer is immune to risk. In the event of a theft or accident, you’ll want to make sure your business, your employees, and your products are protected. Let the expert team at SkySail find the right retail insurance for your business.


If you’re in an industry that’s incredibly niche, it can be hard to figure out what insurance options are available. We connect you with specialty programs that are designed to fit your needs, regardless of what your business does.

Bonds Icon

Surety bonds are sometimes required by state or federal laws, depending on your industry, and they allow your clients another reason to feel confident about your services. The experts at SkySail Insurance Group can tailor a surety program to suit the needs of any business.


When you’re a part of the transportation industry, you have many complex risks to consider. Whether you’re a distributor or you own your own car service, you have the safety of goods and clientele to worry about – not to mention the safety of your employees and vehicles. Let SkySail relieve some of the risks, so you can focus on what matters most.


Wholesaling is an essential part of the retail chain, and distributors have to be proactive to protect their workers and their business from loss. We know you have a plan in place, but not everything can be anticipated. Wholesale insurance will protect your workers and your products from the unexpected. Talk to the experts at SkySail Insurance Group to learn about your best coverage options.